Lillie Lavado in Boston ISEC

Dynamic, Adaptable Professional

Lillie has earned the description: Dynamic, adaptable professional. Some might add “gritty” to the list since she always strives despite the obstacles. Peruse Lillie Lavado’s resume to learn more about her experience and qualifications. Highlights Enterprise IT Service Operations management; international project management; Salesforce and Slate CRM database administration; comprehensive Read more…

HardScrabble Solutions Familiy-Friendly Cowrking and UX Web Design Team Interns Founded by Lillie Lavado

Work-Based Learning and Interns Mentored at HardScrabble Solutions

Lillie Lavado founded HardScrabble Solutions as a socially responsible business model hiring horizontally structured team members and bringing Fed-Cap work-based learning students, TechHire interns and traditional on-site and remote interns for tech sector training. Lillie mentored nearly one dozen in HardScrabble Solutions training programs from 2018-2020. HardScrabble Solutions in Downtown Read more…

Lillie Lavado STEM Club students exploring electric circuits

Lillie Lavado offers STEM Club and KidzJam Youth Enrichment Programs

Lillie Lavado has been developing youth enrichment programs and curriculum for years. Lillie offers these programs in collaboration with municipal and nonprofit organizations throughout Aroostook County, including Presque Isle Parks and Recreation. Lillie offered STEM Club and KidzJam in 2021. STEM Club is an amalgamation of free play meets science/technology/engineering/mathematics! Read more…

Lillie Lavado giving a talk at HardScrabble Solutions

Videos by Lillie

Videos by Lillie There is nothing like hearing directly from your representatives.  Here are videos in chronological order that I produced this election cycle. Lillie Lavado PIHS Candidate Forum Response Monday, November 2, 2020Youtube link Students at Presque Isle High School shared questions to be answered by local political candidates. Read more…

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Know Your Candidates

Know Your Candidates As voters, we must expect and receive transparency from candidates aiming to represent us. I have responded to many questionnaires and given several interviews during my candidacy for State Representative.  Information that I have provided examines my background and priorities.  Below you will find an inexhaustive list Read more…

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Donate Apartment Kits

Vulnerable populations – in our community – need us to step up to ensure that their burden is lessened so they can thrive. Some candidates use their platform to bolster themselves but I prefer taking this opportunity to highlight the importance of community service and collective action in improving the lives of us all.

Affectionate toddler kissing friend's baby doll

Domestic Violence

Real Advocacy for Domestic Violence Victims For years I have lived with domestic violence (DV). I know firsthand that the insidious nature of DV persists for many victims long after they have escaped. Running for public office invites criticism from the public for every candidate but for a person coping with Read more…

Presque Isle Democrats at March 2020 Presidential Caucus

Star Herald: PI Democrats elect delegates, propose disability and Native American rights platforms at caucus

PI Democrats elect delegates, propose disability and Native American rights platforms at caucus David Marino Jr. • March 10, 2020 Frank Bemis, left, Frederick Asam, center, and James Dunleavy, right, participate in the Presque Isle Democratic Party caucus on Sunday. (David Marino Jr. | The Star-Herald) PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Nearly 20 members of Read more…

Families Belong Together Rally in Presque Isle Maine

Star Herald: Community members protest U.S. immigration policies, advocate for families in PI

Community members protest U.S. immigration policies, advocate for families in PI Melissa Lizotte • July 3, 2018 PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A small but passionate group of 12 individuals, including two children, gathered outside Hardscrabble Solutions on Main Street in Presque Isle Saturday afternoon, holding cardboard signs with messages such as “Be Kind Read more…

Code Like A Mother

Star Herald: Women learn website development skills together during ‘ladies night out’

Family-friendly coworking space opens in PI Melissa Lizotte • September 29, 2018 Lillie Lavado (right), web designer and developer, walks (from left) Gisele Clark, Minyi Shaw and Dianna Leighton through their first class on website coding Friday night during the first monthly Code Like A Mother monthly meeting at Hardscrabble Solutions in Read more…