Professional Background

Lillie Lavado is a dynamic, adaptable professional.

Highlights include: Enterprise IT Service Operations management; international project management; Salesforce and Slate CRM database administration; comprehensive digital marketing management; UX and web design and development; community organizer.

On the issues


  • Full share of  funding for each district;
  • Trade & apprenticeship investments;
  • Living wages and better benefits for educators and staff;
  • STEAM for all students.
Semi truck driving in Autumn


  • Modernize infrastructure;
  • Nurture innovation and nontraditional entrepreneurship; 
  • Eliminate nepotism and discrimination;
  • Reduce employer tax burdens.

Health Care

  • Improve access to quality options for rural Mainers;
  • Increase public health care eligibility;
  • Provide compassionate substance abuse and opioid dependency care;
  • Living wages and better benefits for caregivers and staff. 
Home in summer with flowers and trees


  • Expand Homestead Tax Credit eligibility;
  • Reduce employer tax burdens;
  • Fair taxation of wealthy and corporate interests;
  • Equitable distribution of tax revenue.
Work on Presque Isle bypass


  • Only smart investments in new roads and bridges;
  • Prioritize contracts for County companies and workers;
  • Follow recommendations from industry leaders and business owners.
Batchelder chorus 1996


  • Bolster indigenous and tribal rights;
  • Support anti-discrimination efforts in Maine institutions;
  • Proactive identification and mitigation of inequities.

About Lillie

Lillie Lavado visiting Maine State House with her two Children

Lillie with her children.

Lillie is an educator, mother, small business owner, volunteer, union member, and truly hard worker. A natural leader, Lillie can be counted on to always speak out against abuses of power for the families and small business owners who struggle to get ahead every day.

Lillie has a background in entrepreneurship, intercultural studies, computer systems programming, ITIL operations, and STEM education. Lillie’s proactive approach to problem-solving has lead her to tackle child care, workforce modernization, and business incubation with her small business, Hardscrabble Solutions.

Lillie volunteers in local grassroots coalitions and as Secretary of the UMPSA bargaining unit of the MEA: She works to ensure that the community enjoys equitable access to opportunities. Lillie intimately understands what economically disadvantaged communities need to do to stop outmigration and keep professionals and their families “home”.

Presque Isle, ME 04769