“A Just Choice: Choose Humanity” by Lillie Lavado

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A Just Choice: Choose Humanity

One year ago, 12 of us plus two children chanted: “End the separations, keep families together” in downtown Presque Isle.  Unfathomably, this year we must chant against worse policies: “Close the child prisons.”

Our humanity is faltering.

The Trump administration has instituted dehumanizing policies since inauguration.  This criminal administration uses bogus fabrications of relentless emergency to govern by fear. Worry harder, protect yourself, protect your own, catastrophe is around each bend, make no waves, you’re employed, at least it isn’t your golden boy and little princess imprisoned without you … so watch it.

As we go about our daily lives, many of which truly are far from perfect, we live in luxurious ignorance. But this is a willed ignorance. The pangs of consciousness are sounding all the time and we must no longer ignore the cries of our humanity begging to be risen.  

Do the right thing now.  

That is the answer to the pains we bury in shiny plastic baubles and “niceness.”  Republicans and all others supporting the Trump administration henceforth choose to forsake their humanity and that of our nation. To choose, however, comes by choice.  Stand up to your (former) self and choose to correct your mistakes by standing against Donald Trump and his administration. 

Demand that no children be imprisoned on our borders or in our prisons.  Demand that all migrants be treated respectfully as if our own. Demand that petitions for asylum be provisioned with the means necessary to expedite efficient processing.  Demand the Trump administration stand-down.  

Take to the streets.

On July 12, 2019, at 7 p.m., people across the U.S. will gather in protest. Lights for Liberty: Presque Isle, Maine will meet at HardScrabble Solutions on Main Street in downtown Presque Isle. At 9 p.m. we will light our candles in a somber demonstration of our unwavering humanity. Please join us. 

Lillie Lavado
Presque Isle

Link: http://thecounty.me/2019/07/05/opinion/a-just-choice-choose-humanity/