Lavado first Communication Media Graduate at CCC

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Capital Community College, Hartford, CT, Class of 2007

Lillie Lavado first came to Capital with a vague inquiry about teaching English as a second language. After consulting with the Communication Media faculty, she decided that the degree program fit her varied interests in politics, media, and intercultural studies. Lillie provided outstanding editorial leadership for CSN: Capital Student News as part of an independent study project, participated in the Connecticut State Legislative Intern program, and became a published author and photographer as an intern with The Hartford News. In 2007, Lillie became the first Communication Media graduate. She transferred to Trinity College’s Individualized Degree Program to pursue a self-designed Bachelor of Arts program.

Capital Student News was founded in 2005 by a group of dedicated students who collaborated on various written stories and news programs. The first Editor was Lillie Lavado.

Fellow alumnus, Scott Dean, coined CSN at CCC as a JUGGERNAUT OF JOURNALISTIC INNOVATION.

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