Work-Based Learning and Interns Mentored at HardScrabble Solutions

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Lillie Lavado founded HardScrabble Solutions as a socially responsible business model hiring horizontally structured team members and bringing Fed-Cap work-based learning students, TechHire interns and traditional on-site and remote interns for tech sector training. Lillie mentored nearly one dozen in HardScrabble Solutions training programs from 2018-2020.

HardScrabble Solutions in Downtown Presque Isle, Maine was also a family-friendly coworking site where community members and team members were always welcome to be accompanied to work with their children. This enabled hardscrabble workers in The County to contribute to the local economy and their family coffers without incurring the impacts of seeking and securing childcare during their working hours. Providing a family-friendly worksite was especially beneficial to Fed-Cap work based learning team members whose precarious situatedness meant that they often did not have reliable or safe childcare options for their little ones.

Interns and work-based learning team members at HardScrabble Solutions were constantly encouraged by Lillie Lavado to identify their professional interests and passions so that they could focus on cultivating an enjoyable and satisfying career. Dozens of industry articles were authored by team members and published on