Independent Media: Lillie Lavado at The Hartford News

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As a community college student in CCC’s Communication Media associate degree program, Lillie sought to get involved with the community and enjoyed hands-on learning. One internship Lillie worked was as a Staff Writer for independent media outlet, The Hartford News.

Lillie assisted with covering the Hartford beat many times, first as the first Editor-in-Chief of Capital Student News and then for the The Hartford News. She traveled throughout the community to cover stories in the field for print and television and streamed outlets.

In 2007, The Hartford News published OPP Opens North End Center complete with one of Lillie’s customarily quippy introductions: To fans of 1990’s pop music, OPP is the title of catchy novelty song by the group Naughty By Nature. But for Elizabeth Torres, OPP is the name of the youth service agency that turned her life around.

When Lillie interned at The Hartford News for credit toward her Communication Media degree, it was still rare for community publications to operate a web version of content. Archived issues of The Hartford News are kept by the Hartford Public Library and in our hearts.