Increase Connectivity… Smartly

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Increase Connectivity... Smartly

Lillie Lavado working on macbook with children and colleague in HardScrabble Solutions

This is my livelihood and not merely a calculated political position: We must expand our connectivity and do it smartly.  Only 68% of households in Presque Isle, Maine had broadband in 2018.  Our #solutions must be nuanced to avoid investing in a singular technology or bypassing workforce enrichment. 

I have been working toward this goal since 2012 and founded HardScrabble Solutions in 2016.  These are issues I chose to address long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced others to do the same.  We must enhance Presque Isle’s workforce through STEM education and 21st Century apprenticeships.  When I sought to expand my small business, I found out firsthand that we need more training for adults and STEM for our kids.  So, I acted first to fill this void by developing various curriculum, offering groups like Code like a Mother, serving as an AmeriCorps Digital Literacy Instructor, mentoring remote interns with TechHire Maine, offering a family-friendly workplace to my team and Fedcap Maine work-based learners, and teaching KidzCode throughout Aroostook County, Maine.

Since this is my industry, I also know that broadband isn’t the only technology that can increase connectivity for Presque Isle.  I recognize, for example, that Presque Isle-based Aroostook Technologies Inc. provides excellent wireless internet service – their iconic towers are highly visible.  Our businesses, students and workers need affordable, reliable internet service.  “Broadband” is not the only investment we should be considering when Maine decides where to allocate the $15 million bond passed in July by our people’s referendum.  We need a representative in Augusta who actually knows the issues, can identify real #solutions, and will work for us all.

#vote2020 for me, Lillie Lavado, so that Presque Isle, Maine gets the best representation to fill this OPEN Maine House seat.  Learn more about my platform and donate to my campaign here:

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